corgiaid_logoWelcome to Crafts for Corgis

Hello and welcome to Crafts for Corgis. As you can tell from the name by now, this website is mainly about making crafts for corgis. And for what purpose? To help stray corgis to continue on living and to also help them to find a home. You might think, why specifically only corgis? Because we feel that this way we can narrow down and focus our efforts even better to help a specific breed of dog rather than generally. We are definitely not biased in any way and it is also just that the owner of this site has more experience in handling corgis than other breeds of dogs. But if you do know of any other breed of dogs which require help, we also have contacts and connections to other dog shelters and we sometimes also take these dogs in temporarily until they find a new home.

But if you are personally interested in corgis, then there are a few ways in which you would be able to help. The first way of course is through donations, where you will not get back anything in return. Another way would be to purchase certain crafts our kind volunteers have made which you can keep them as souvenirs and the proceeds would go the same place as the donations. The third way would be to bid for your favorite corgi off an auction if you are interested in adopting a corgi for yourself instead of bringing them home for free. This is not to say that we do not let people adopt our corgis for free though, it is just that certain types of corgis are more popular and have more than one owner wanting to bring them home, thus we feel that an auction would be the most fair to every party involved.

If you are just an avid dog or Corgi lover, we also open up our place to visitors during certain time periods of the day. During these timings, you will be able to come and play with our Corgis or other dogs and also feed or bath them if you like. We find that this is also a great way to find new owners for our unadopted Corgis and the success rate so far has been pretty good.